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Social Marketing Consulting and Training

There are several options for learning to use and consults on social and health marketing. One is an interactive workshop for 1- to 6-hours in person or conference call. This guides managers and staff through use of commercial marketing strategies that benefits people, students and employees. Members of your organization practice describing problems, learn more about market research and strategy; program development, monitoring and evaluation; plus implementation.

A second option is coached/mentored consults. It uses phone and email coaching for program development using the Social Marketing Approach. For details please contact me and go to this page and read Option 2.

Clients and partners have been the Southwest Prevention Center - Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Abuse Prevention Training Systems, Mosaic Company, Arizona State University, the Illinois Higher Education Center Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention, University of North Dakota, American College Health Association (presentations), Western Carolina University, Iowa State University (focus on evidence-based interventions), Northern Kentucky Health Department and the Bronx Health REACH/NY CEED Institute for Family Health.