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Continuing Education Online Self-Study Courses - CHES/MCHES Category I CECHs and Continuing Competency Credits

Over twenty (20) high quality and reasonably priced continuing education self-study courses are available for Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES®) and Master Certified Health Education Specialists (MCHES®). Health Education Partners is an approved provider by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC, #100538). Courses cover social determinants of health, gun violence prevention, Healthy People 2030 national goals, Leading Health Indicators, social marketing and health marketing, health reform, ACA, physical activity and health reform legislation.

Features: Study Guide and study materials available online, low cost, easy, convenient, no deadlines, start and study when you want to study, objectives match CHES/MCHES competencies. Additionally, five dollars of your fee for the six Healthy People 2020 companion courses supports the Community Tool Box. Healthy People 2020 uses many of its resources for MAP-IT. The $5 supports CTB’s research and development and the long-term sustainability of this free global resource. --- Before signing up and paying you can download and review the Study Guide (syllabus) with course objectives and links to reading/study assignments to determine if the course will meet your needs and interests.

Healthy People 2030 in Your Work (12.0 CECHs, includes 6.0 for MCHES/advanced hours, 12.0 continuing competency credits, $35.00). This course covers the resources for the nation's health goals for identifying needs and priority populations, setting your own targets, finding inspiration and practical tools and monitoring national progress; and helping you related them to your work.

Social Determinants of Health in Healthy People 2030 (15 CECHs, includes 7.0 for MCHEC/advanced hours, 15 continuing competency credits, $35.00). This course covers the five domains of social determinants of health, and resources for the nation's health goals for indentifying needs and priority populations, setting your own targets, finding inspriation and practical tools and monitoring national progress.

Leading Health Indicators in Healthy People 2030 (13.5 CECHs, includes 7.0 for MCHES/advanced hours, 13.5 continuing competencycredits, $35.00) A small subset of Healthy People 2030 objectives selected to drive action toward improving health and well-being. Most LHIs address important factors the impact major causes of death and disease in the United States, and they help organizations, communities, and states focus resourcers and efforts.

The Evidence-Based Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (2nd Edition) (13.0 CECHs, incluPhysical Activity Guidelines for Americans titledes 6.0 for MCHES/advanced hours, 13.0 continuing competency credits, $32.50). This course focuses on CHES®/MCHES® competencies related to principles of evidence-based practice. Learn the process used by the Secretary's Advisory Committee to find the evidence for health professionals to promote regular physical and reduce sedentary behaviors, and guidelines for age groups, population groups and health conditions.

Exercise, Aging and Older Adults: U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for Move Your Way - Older AdultsAmeicans (2nd edition) (8.5 CECHs, includes 3.5 for MCHES/advanced hours, $32.50). Learn about assessing data on health and older adult physical activity, analyzing relationships among sedentary and physical activity behaviors, determining needs for health education/promotion, and synthesizing findings from systematic reviews, develop materials and resources to implement physical activity to reduce falls and frailty; and improve physical function, brain health, cognition; serve as a health education/promotion resource person.

Social Marketing for Behavior Change: A CDC Public Health Approach  (17 Category 1 and Continuing Competency CECHs, includes 10 advanced hours, $37). Become a subject matter expert on social marketing, define social marketing and compare it to commerrcial marketing and social media marketing, be knowledgeable  on managing and administering health promotion programs. and supervising and training staff and volunteers using the CDCynergy Social Marketing six phase approach.

Social Marketing Overview (2.0 CECH/hours, 1 advanced hour, $12) Great summary describing social marketing for health educators and their managers.

Developing Healthy People 2030 (8.0 CECH hours, includes 6.0 MCHES/advanced hours, $32.50). Learn how the 2030 national health goals are developed. This course covers meetings' goals, Secretary's Advisory Committee work and discussions, review of Healthy People 2020 outcomes, planning for measurable objectives, engaging stakeholders, evidence-based interventions, and resources.

Advocate for Health: Build on the Progress of the Affordable Care Act (10.0 CECH hours, includes 8.0 MCHES/advance hours, $32.50). Learn about the history of health care legislation, recent GOP repeal and replace proposals, supporters and opposers to ACA and GOP plans, recommendations and advocacy techniques. Practice applying critical and strategic thinking to project the impact of laws and policies, and influence decision-makers.

Gun Violence Prevention: CDC Public Health, Evidence-Based and Constitutional Approaches (17.0 CECHs, includes 8.0 MCHES/advanced and 17 Continuing Competency Credits, $37). Course sections cover each component of the public health approach thru assuring widespread adoption of selected strategies; recommendations from national gun public organization, government actions; and SCOTUS, state and local judicial decisions; and pro-gun safety/public health and pro-gun groups.

The Surgeon General Prevention Strategy, Priorities and Reports (8 CECH/hours, 2 advanced, $30) The health care reform laws estalished an unprecedented opportunity to shift the nation from a focus on sickness and disease to one based on wellness and prevention with public and private partnerships and evidence-based actions. The priorities and reports of achievements of the Surgeon General's office are presented.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA): Assess Effects of Policies, Projects and Programs (6.5 CECH hours, includes 3 advance MCHES hours, $25. HIAs are recommended by the DHHS, Healthy People Advisory Committee and listed on the Health People 2020 PLanning Resources web page)

Health Marketing: Commercial Marketing Srategies to Improve Health (5.0 CECHs, 2.5 advanced MCHES hours, $25)

These are available to take. There may be a few links that don't work, but are being updated - Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track (MAP-IT) Framework for Program Planning ($5 of each course fee goes to the Community Tool Box). See the Healthy People overview 0f MAP-IT course materials (click here). NOTE: each course is standalone, the don't need to be taken in any particular order.

Implement Healthy People 2020 (10.5 CECH/hours, 7 advanced, $30, comprehensively covers the recently launched Healthy People 2020 materials to understand, implement and marketing Healthy People 2020

Healthy People 2020: Get Ready to Use Healthy People 2020 (covers development of HP2020) (5.0 CECH/hours, 2 advanced hours, $25)

Health Reform II: the Final Bills Signed into Law (7.0 CECH/hours, 3 advanced hours, $25)

The New Government Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (6.0 CECH/hours, 3 advanced hours, $25)

Become a Very Good Health Education Resource Person on Health Reform (covers history of health reform and bills leading up to the final passed bills) (5.0 CECH/hours, 2.5 advanced, $19.99)


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All course pdf files and forms are best viewed and tests completed using Adobe Reader

NCHEC Participant Course Evaluation Summary (PDF, from social marketing self-study course)

Overall Quality of Course: 4.4 to 4.8 (1 = Very Poor, 5 = Excellent)

Continuing Education Self-study Courses with +/- 0.5 hours of reading assignments for total course units (CECHs and Continuing Competency Credits of 12 to 17. Hours are determined using average reading speeds of 250 words per minute. Take TF, multiple choice and short answer post-tests and pass with score of ≥70%.